Broadbeach Family Travel Clinic

We offer a large range of pre-travel services including advice, vaccination, malaria prevention, and more. Come in and see one of our travel doctors.

Overseas travel can provide some of the most memorable experiences. However it can also provide some of the worst memories if you are not properly protected and prepared. 

There is increased risk of a number of infectious diseases outside of Australia. Many of these can be vaccinated against, such as Hepatits A, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever.

Did you know that almost all countries that are not considered ‘developed’ have a recommendation to vaccinate against Hepatitis A and Salmonella (Typhoid) prior to travel. This includes some popular destinations such as Fiji, Bali, Thailand, and South America. These vaccinations are not on the Australian immunisation schedule. 

We recommend you come in for a consultation at least 2 months prior to any planned travel.

We provide Yellow Fever Vaccination – a requirement for travel to and from certain countries. 

Please make your dedicated travel clinic appointment today via the book now button above or call us on 07 5539 9177. 


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